CSM/PCS -- Client Services Manager - Personal Care Services

Practice Management Software

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CSM/PCS Architecture Diagram

System Architecture Components

CSM/PCS  -- Practice Management Core


Access Management

Ease of use

Client Management

Practice Management

Work Flow Management


User Messaging

Engagement Management

Caregiver Management




Web Portal -- Options

Document Management


IVR -On Site Validation

This module is an optional IVR (interactive voice recognition) system. The system can be configured to automate many activities, e.g.:

CSM2GO - Caregiver System Interface

This module provides the caregiver data entry, client information, geographic maps and work instructions. Allows caregivers to:

Client Signature Capture

Mobile signature capture pad for use with CMS2GO Netbook or Notebooks solutions above

EDI Billing Interface

Optional EDI translator/ transmission module for sending/ receiving EDI 835/837 information to Medicaid and Medicare trading partners. Mapping to Insurace carrier trading partners is avaialble on a case by case basis

Accounting Interface

Optional UA Accounting System Module provides:

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