• Improve Productivity

    Data is entered once and once only virtually eliminates redundant data entry...

  • Electronic Document Storage

    Scanned documents and electronic documents can all be attached, tracked, recalled and archived ..

  • Maximize Client Outcomes

    Fully integrated appointments, service plans, progress notes, goal scoring and charting provide information at your fingertips, maximize your client contact hours  and therefore results... 

  • Enhance Billing

    Get you bills right the first time, every time. System tracks billing, rates, authorities, coding and filing. Electronic bill submission (EDI) is an available option.

  • Remote and Multi-User Access

    All of our systems can be configured for remote access, multiple users and multiple sites/ profit centers.

  • Manage Resource Performance

    Track assignments, activity, progress, contribution.

  • Integrated Accounting

    Our solutions integrate with our Accounting systems providing an enterprise solution for financials, Accounts Receivable, collections, Accounts Payable, Materials Inventory, Fixed Assets, HRS and Payroll

  • Bar Code Technology

    Tracking documents, employee badges, employee time reporting, tracking tools and supplies "check in - check out"...

Applying technology to improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction.



  • On-Site or In the Cloud

    Our Business Software solutions are available installed on your site or In the Cloud. Remotely Accessible from PC, MAc, Ipod, Ipad, Droid, Google, etc.

    No matter what the size of your practice -- Single site, multi site, multi program, taliored to you needs - sized to fit with the features you need to stream line your operations, comply with regualtory audit requirements and manage your business and personnel. 

    We support programs for:  Group Homes, Assited Living, Day Center, Hospice, Adult Foster Care, In Home Personal Care, Psychological/ Behavioral Counseling, Case Management, Job Training, Employees, Applicants, Special Ed, Community Outreach and more.

    Our software grows with you:  You can start small and add features, sites, users as you grow.  You can move from web to on-site as the needs of your business and expenses justify.   

    Our software is ideally suited to practices that run mutilple programs in multiples sites where a totally integrated business solution is desired. We can make you as paperless as possible.  Compare our differnt versions

  • Business Systems

    Clinical, Document, Operations, Financial, Billing, Accounting, Management, Custom. Ourureadily tailored to your business model. We work with your program and IT staff to understand  your needs. Streamline your operations and workflow to minimize wasted efforts,  maximize productivity and ensure accountability and correct billing every time.  Our solutions are fully integrated and manage the operations, accounting, compliance and performance tracking of the enterprise.

  • Consultation

    We work with your managers and executive staff to develop a Strategic Information Technology Plan. Training, Disaster Planning.  We are IT professionals and stay on top of the industry and technology keeping our clients in the "comfort zone"  where the risk is minimized and the reward maximized.

  • Networks

    We can work with your normal infrastructure suppliers or provide total turnkey hardware and software solutions. Typically we will provide and remotely manage the Servers, networks, remote access, backups, email, security for many of our clients.  We position ourselves as an adjunct to your IT  Staff to provide whatever level of service and support desired.

  • e-Commerce

    We provide Internet technology integration into our solutions from corporate Web development, Web Master Services , Remote User Access Technology, Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), and even  Hosted solutions for smaller firms.


The Solutions above represent major functional areas and or industries that we have servered. Our "taliored solutions" design enables us to easily configure our solutions to your particular needs. Ideal for businesses consisting of multiple disciplines.

What is a taliored Solution?

Our software solutions are built from over 100 modules and can be configured around your needs.  We also can integrate with your existing applications, and convert the data from your old system as needed.  Flexible, scalable and extensible to meet your needs now and into the future.

Our taliored solutions typically are priced at or below other mid range business systems, come with source code and all work is performed in the USA.